About Leah's Design Studio

A new way to remodel.

Owner and principal designer, Leah Morgan, has been involved in the kitchen and bath industry for over 25 years. One of the "trademark" features of Leah's Design Studio is our method of not overspending on materials just to create a specific "look". Using available resources and quality craftsmanship, we can achieve an expensive look at a fraction of the cost.

How We Work

Your time is valuable.

Why try to rush from one store to the next to plan your home space, when you can do it all from the comfort from your own home - or from your tablet/phone if you're away from home. Start by reviewing our Planning Guide, which outlines the information we'll need to guide you through this process. We can conference call, communicate via email, or meet in person at various locations depending on your location and/or schedule.

My plans are final - now what?

Once your design has been finalized to your liking, now it's time to make it reality. Some people prefer to do-it-themselves, while others prefer to hire professionals to do the labor. We don't hand over the plans and walk away - if you or your contractor have questions regarding the plan execution, we're still here for assistance.